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There are 4 different species of squirrels in New Jersey. For more information, click below.

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Squirrel Capture, Removal & Exclusion Services

Experts in animal capture, removal and exclusion:
All squirrels have to leave the building in order to find food. The most effective method to get rid of squirrels from a building is to cover the holes they use to enter the building with specially designed multi-catch traps, forcing the squirrel(s) into the trap when it attempts to exit the building. We remove them with these cage traps and then seal the entry holes to prevent new infestations at some point in the future. Just removing the squirrels, and leaving the access holes open is NOT considered to be the complete solution. On older houses, sometimes the repairs can get very extensive.

Our truck and tools:
Check out Our Truck which won Wildlife Control Technology Magazine’s “BEST SERVICE TRUCK in the Industry’s Contest.

We have also invested in and own a 40 foot articulated lift which not only provides us with a safe platform from which to work, but also the ability to take the time and care required to do the quality job that is often difficult to perform when stretch to reach to subject area from a ladder.

Squirrel Damage Repair NJ

New Jersey Squirrel Damage Control

We believe that in most cases a person’s home is their most valuable asset. As a result, we are committed to using a “CRAFTSMAN’S APPROACH” to repairing the damage to your home from squirrels.

Our Craftsman’s Approach:

We have the material, tools and equipment required to handle any squirrel damage repair job.
We close up hole using a “metal brake” to cut, bend and custom fabricate patches, and secure these patches with color coordinated screws. The benefits to this approach are as follows:

  • The patch blends in to the existing architecture.
  • The material we use seals out the weather and forms an impenetrable barrier against future entry.

The material we use seals out the weather and forms an impenetrable barrier against future entry.

A Craftsman’s Approach Patch vs. Wire Mesh Patch

Why Choose Wildlife Control Specialists?

Pest Control/Exterminating Company, and most Wildlife Control Operators lack the tools and equipment essential to performing quality damage repair.

Most wildlife control companies use wire cloth to close up holes. With this approach they simply cut a piece of ¼ inch by ¼ inch wire cloth/screening and either staple it or secure it with screws over the opening. This approach:

  • Is unsightly
  • Doesn’t seal out the elements, thereby allowing in moisture subjecting the underlying area to rot.

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