Squirrel Species

There are 4 different species of squirrels in New Jersey. For more information, click below.

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Squirrel Removal & Wildlife Control in New Jersey

We help squirrel-proof your home and surroundings utilizing environment friendly measures.

Squirrel Control Services

Need squirrel removal NJ? Squirrel removal by New Jersey Wildlife Control Specialists provides the best humane and environmentally responsible NJ squirrel removal and control services.

Squirrel removal services generally include:

  • Squirrels in the Attic
  • Squirrels in the Chimney
  • Squirrels in the Wall

From red squirrels to gray squirrels, Wildlife Control Specialists can assist with any squirrel situation. If you are dealing with problems with squirrels, Wildlife Control Specialists will remove squirrels and prevent squirrels from ruining your home!

Who Needs Squirrel Removal Services?

Squirrels are well known for making noises, usually at dawn, while they are leaving their nests to seek for food. A majority of squirrel removal customers in New Jersey mention scratching and scurrying sounds in the attics or walls of buildings. Homeowners might discover holes inside of the gutters or siding of their houses, where the squirrels are getting inside for shelter.

Wildlife Control Specialists in New Jersey will help you decide if you need any squirrel removal solutions or squirrel control services. We will attempt to identify what method of squirrel removal is necessary by interviewing you. For the most effective assessment of your squirrel situation, it is pertinent for you to record what time in the day you are observing activity such as movement or noises, how long you have heard sounds, and in what part of the home or building you hear sounds.

Our Methods of Squirrel Removal:

Squirrels are known to invade buildings in New Jersey for nesting, shelter, and food. Squirrels often use attics as sites for their dens, and each year, they have approximately two litters of offspring, one offspring in the spring and one in the fall. If squirrel removal is not done immediately when the squirrel issue is determined, the number of squirrels living in or near a building or house will continue to grow. These squirrels need to be quickly removed from the area to manage the squirrel problem.

The most effective and efficient means of squirrel removal is by trapping squirrels. Wildlife Control Specialists will set traps to catch the squirrels around your NJ home or business. Any safely trapped squirrels are safely relocated to other areas of the wild.

The use of one-way doors is an alternative to squirrel removal trapping. One-way doors are part of Wildlife Control Specialists’ squirrel removal services. One-way doors are configured at the squirrel’s point of entrance, and the moment the squirrel leaves the building, it will not be able to gain re-entry. However, squirrels are very smart, and animals and are consistently chewing, one-way doors have a higher likelihood of not working; the squirrels that are removed can chew an additional access point for re-entry.

If you think you might require squirrel removal services in New Jersey, contact us for professional squirrel control solutions in NJ today.

We provide squirrel removal and control services all across New Jersey.

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